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Boppy pregnancy wedge support pillow

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Pinpoint support for mom pre and post birth. Our most compact pregnancy support right where you need it, whenever you need it. Great on its own, or in combination with your current prenatal pillow to get the customized support you need to get comfortable. Firm support with no bulk.
Small enough to take with you, it is the perfect solution for a great night’s sleep while traveling or as a lower back support while sitting on the sofa or in an office chair.
The compact design allows you to sleep comfortably at home and away. Packs up small when not in use.
The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge provides pinpoint support for your bump, back and knees for portable comfort anywhere you go.
The Boppy Wedge is our most versatile prenatal pillow and transitions seamlessly to postpartum support. The Wedge is great when you need additional lower back support while nursing or for daily back support.
A firm foam covered in a soft jersey knit slipcover. The slipcover is machine washable for easy care.